Critical Decision

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Ok, so this post is a little different. It’s partially a story about what’s currently going on and the other is simply asking for advise about the current situation. Right now I am at a crossroad and I don’t quite know which path to take. Fear tells me I should turn around and go back, but I know that’s never usually the wise decision. This crossroad is a scary yet exciting one.


I am currently working as a Loss Prevention Officer with a hotel in downtown Austin. The job is great for the most part and it has taught me to get out of my element. However, I am working overnights, so it can be pretty hard not having the energy to really do anything during the day. Even though, I thought I would have plenty. It’s a pretty easy job. The pay could be better as most jobs. Hotel life has treated me well and the bosses and supervisors like me and want me on the team for as long as I am willing to be here. So it’s definitely a job I don’t take lightly

What I Want

So, I have had this dream of starting my own business. I have this beautiful dream of not working for anyone but the people I am servicing and myself. In whatever capacity that is. So, right now my biggest step I made to doing this was deciding I was going to start a cleaning business. I have the name, the DBA, Business Account, SAM number, DUNS…etc. I have made major steps in accomplishing this. I want to be a successful business owner and have something built that I can be super proud of. There’s an issue that keeps me from doing it right now.

Here’s the issue.

I thought that I would have all the time in the world to make this happen because I was working 3rd shift. I could get off, do everything done that I needed to, come back to sleep for a bit and then head into work. Clean houses in the morning into the early afternoon and sleep enough to ready myself for the next shift. This has not been the case for me. It may have a lot to do with the Prednisone I have been taking (you can read about how I got to this in my previous post The Pain and the Solution) and the side effects they have. It seems lethargy and weight gain is two huge side effects that are kicking my a**. I get home and I immediately want to go to bed and a lot of times I do. My rational thinking tells me that I could sleep for some of the morning and have plenty of time and energy during the afternoon. However, this usually would turn into me sleeping way longer than I wanted to. Then I’d get mad that I slept so long. Then because I feel as though the whole day is gone, I think “why not finish out sleeping the rest of the night. So I usually do.

Can I get advice?

I am looking to hopefully get advice on what to do. Each decision set in front of me all have pros and cons. Should I quit my job and work for myself? Do you think its reasonable to push myself and work both full time and try to run a the business? Can I trust myself to maintain stability and try and only own part time at this job if they offer insurance and try and compensate my income with doing food deliveries?

What would be the best course of action. Please leave a comment below on the WordPress comment tab and/or the Facebook comment tab. I appreciate any suggestions or advice you may have to offer!

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