I Love You…

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“I Love You”. Three words that we say to people we care about. Friends, Family, Animals, your favorite meal, without a second thought.. However, when we say it to or have it said to us from a significant other, those words in the same english language, now take on a completely different meaning.

Being new to the relationship life has been a struggle for me. The only other relationship I’ve been in basically was me moving a guy in without money, car, job…etc and was basically supporting the both of us while dealing with his alcoholism and my travels down that same road. We were both very toxic to each other. I only became a meal ticket and a place to live.

This has been much different.

Beau and LJ 9/2022

We have been dating for some time and realizing how well we match. Love was something that both of us were taking out time on. We didn’t want to rush into anything but LJ especially, was taking things slow due to the past and from just being out of his last relationship.

My feelings grew quicker without any control. I don’t quite remember the first time I knew but it definitely came quicker than his.

I have never been one to waste time with anything. Not saying that taking it slow is a waste of time but for me, if I know what I want, that settles it. I knew a little while after meeting him I knew that he worth trying. Love just happened in the midst of planning for my long term goals. I refrained from expressing my feelings to allow LJ the space he needed to figure his out.

We recently decided to move in together and we are officially making the move next week. Though it isn’t happening the way we’d like, we are moving forward with our plans anyway because we know it’s right.

Today, while shopping for furniture, standing in the middle of the showroom floor embracing each other.. getting excited about our future.. I hear LJ say without hesitation “I love you”. I never knew that the “butterfly feeling” was real. I thought it was a fake emotion and I’ve never felt it before. However, standing in between beds, nightstands, and marked down price tags.. being stalked by the sales department drooling for commission.. Those words hit light lightening and the butterflies were in flight.

We looked at each other and I said “Wait, are you serious?” he shakes his head and I am overjoyed. We are in love with each other. I said “I love you too” and we embraced.

I am not going to drag on the mushy drivel..

I wanted to express that I am not moving in with a room mate. I am not moving in with just someone I am dating. I am moving in with the love of my life and I am excited to see where we go from here.

I am here for it.

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